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Somebody definitely needs to make a fanfic out of the moment in Camp Takota Day 12 when Hannah says ‘remember this’ and refers to her and Grace…

I may or may not get around to this once school settles down. But I’d love to see what all the other Hartbig writers could make out of this moment. No pressure though, this is not a challenge. This is most definitely a challenge.

I may or may not be attempting to write this before HomeBuddies starts in 2 hours. Wish me luck.

I definitely wrote this and I think it turned out pretty freaking great. Long Days and Lonely Nigths

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Hey everyone! So yesterday, the last part of my newest fic went up. I’d love y’all to tell me how you felt about it. Also, did anyone figure out what inspired that fic? The biggest hints were in the tags, maybe it was too obscure for anyone to guess? I don’t know. Anyways, here’s part one and the rest can be found hereGo have a read, tell me what you think.

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Hey! I’m posting a series fic starting tomorrow over at idighartbig, which is where this blog has moved to. If you want to catch it, you’ve got to go on over and follow. It’ll be a five part fic and honestly, I’m super nervous about posting it. So I’d really appreciate all the love and support over there, deal? Also, go freaking follow hartbigstopit because she remade her Hartbig/Trinity blog and we’re both trying to get back in the game. See you guys tomorrow!

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There are 462 of you following this blog, but only 90 of you following my new location. Why is that? My content hasn’t changed, I haven’t changed. Our ship(s) haven’t been sunk, nor confirmed. And the Holy Trinity fandom is alive and kicking. So why are there only 90 of you following my new blog? I’d appreciate it if you’d all go check it out. Promise you won’t be disappointed. I’ve even organized my fic better so they’re all on one pageAnd I posted a new one last Sunday titled Long Days and Lonely Nights that I think many of you would enjoy if given the chance. I’d like to see all of your lovely icons over there, alright? Thanks guys

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Hey everyone! My new blog is up at I Dig Hartbig and running and I’d really appreciate it if you guys went and showed it copious amounts of love and support. I’d love to get all 461 of my followers back! Anyways, I’ve created a fic list page over there that will have another fic added onti it in about 20 minutes. I won’t be posting here anymore, except maybe a post like this every few days to get my followers migrating. Anyways see you all soon!

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